Jeremy: the Joyous Evangelist

Jeremy uses his free time to share the gospel on the campus of a local university in central Missouri. But God willing, next year he'll be moving to Uganda to do evangelism there. Think you could never do something like this? Think again!

Anne: Confidence in Crisis

Dr. Anne Livingston has been a medical missionary in rural northern Haiti since 1989.  As you might imagine, during these 30 years, her heavenly Father has brought her through some harrowing situations.  Her story may strengthen your own faith!  Learn more about her work at her web site,

Michael: the "Simplicity Evangelist"

Michael Vier travels and lives in this van, which he has converted into a tiny house on wheels. This has become a fantastic platform for evangelism. Are you willing to live an "unusual" life, so that your lifestyle will give weight to your words? 

This is an example of one of many props Michael uses to start conversations about Jesus. 

Here are two of the 5 "portholes" that Michael uses to teach the parable of the sower.

Michelle: Missions by Teaching

Michelle serves on an evangelism team in a restricted-access nation. They build relationships with college students using ESL, and then share Jesus with them.

"Tom", the Bible Smuggler

Unmarried Christians can take risks more easily than married ones. Don't squander your life in safety. Learn from "Tom", a veteran worker in restricted nations.

Gracia: Ministry as a Single Mom

Gracia Burnham and her husband Martin served with New Tribes Missions in the Philippines. They were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and held for ransom in the jungle for over a year. During their rescue, Martin Burnham was killed, leaving Gracia a single mother of 3 children.

In this interview, she shares about how she ministered to her children, ensuring that her "public" ministry did not rob her children of their remaining parent. Her words bring encouragement to every single mother.

To learn more about Gracia or to contact her, visit

Video summary of the Burnham's story: